Code of conduct – cooperation under rules

We work together according to the following principles: open, binding and responsible.

Shared values and culture

We join forces so that we can benefit from shared experience and knowledge. Each member is equally responsible for the success of the project. We are aware that there is a chance of finding ourselves in a competitive situation and know how to deal with it adequately. The Association serves the cities, their inhabitants and users and acts responsibly towards the authorities, companies and the public.

Open communication

Open communication is crucial for success. We talk to each other! Factual background information is essential. Listening is equally as important as talking.


We work across different disciplines. Within the Association we treat each other with respect and appreciation.


The discussions and results within the Association are subject to confidentiality towards third parties. The passing of information is not permitted and will only take place with the agreement of all other members directly concerned.

Dealing with conflicts

Conflicts will be inevitable as everyone will have different ideas and objectives. These must be identified and analysed if necessary. Differences will be discussed openly, and we will look for a common solution to avoid negative effects. We disclose possible conflicts of interest as soon as possible. In principle, we regard friction as an opportunity to grow and find new solutions.


We are actively involved in activities and projects in which we want to participate. We let deeds follow words.


We use the Association’s funds economically and responsibly.